2012 Alumni Meeting

Dear All,

We had our first All-Alumni get together at KV Ottapalam on 26 Dec 2012. Looking forward to meeting you in Dec 2013.

Date: 26 Dec 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Venue: KV Ottapalam

Event Details:

1) 10:00 - Alumni registration, interaction
2) 10:30 - Formal Seating & interaction

3) 11:00 - Prayer
4) 11:10 - Alumni Welcome by Principal, Vinod Sir
5) 11: 20 - Alumni Welcome - Vimal Venu - 1994 Alumni Batch
6) 11:30 - Formal Read-out of the Purpose, ByeLaws of the KV Ottapalam Alumni Association

7) 12:00pm - Election of the Office Bearers: For Positions - President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 10 Executive Committee Members. At this point, we will invite members to volunteer, propose, second and elect the office bearers and executive committee.
8) 12:30pm:  Finalisation of Executive Committee. Authorisation of the Office bearers and executive committee members by the General Body. We will also discuss some early thoughts about the activities for next year.

9) 1:00pm - Cultural Programs (this may be peppered throughout the course of the event, instead of being 1 block) - there are 3 items being organised by the school. We welcome Alumni members to Sing / Dance, entertain as well :-)
10) 1:30pm lunch & interaction

11) 2:00 pm Sabha Visarjan
11) 2:00 pm First Meeting of the Executive Committee. KV OttapalamAlumni Association.

Following Initiatives were decided during the First Executive Committee Meeting on 26 Dec 2012.

The Next Alumni meeting will be held on 28 December 2013 (Saturday) in the evening. More details coming up: Click here