Welcome to the K.V. Ottapalam Alumni website.

Kvotp.com is a place to reconnect with our classmates, juniors and seniors, who have now left K.V. Ottapalam, and are working / studying in various parts of the world. We hope to stay in touch with each other, as well as with our beloved school through activities and initiatives to better our school and the larger alumni ecosystem.

We hold dear, memories from this fascinating campus in our hearts: the White mondays and Blue weekdays, the much awaited P.T. periods amidst intense classes, the dreaded Unit Tests and the fun CC Periods - K.V. has taught us a lot - from languages, to history and geography, to photosynthesis and chromosomes, to plant and animal kingdoms,  to algebra to matrices to differentiation and integration, to what not. 12 years in KV has raised us from innocent toddlers who barely knew A,B,C, Ds to know-it-all Degree Students.

Above all, we cherish our long-lasting friendships forged under a rather "strict" school administration - they are for life ! 

And now, when we visit the K.V. Ottapalam campus on a vacation day, we find ourselves transform into boys and girls standing in the wide-format Assembly singing "Asatoma Sadgamaya", or shouting to a team-mate to pass us the football.

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